Omotion protects theirs innovations and brand

OMotion AB is the company behind the creation in the picture. They make electric vehicles that combine the best of two worlds – the freedom of a motorcycle with the stability of a car. So cool huh!

Hansson Thyresson has helped OMotion AB by conducting an IP scan. Ola Svensson, founder and CEO of OMotion, says:

“There were mainly two things that I thought were good about the IP scan. Firstly, we gained a better understanding of how we should act to protect our innovations and our brand, not least in an international perspective. Secondly, that we can use the IP scan in a dialogue with investors, it will be a confirmation that we have intellectual property rights in our mind when doing our work.”

Does this sound interesting for you and your company?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with any of our certified advisors for the IP-scan, Viveka AnderbergJakob BromanÅsa Olajos, and Maja Modigh, and we’ll tell you more!


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