Patents protect a technical solution to a technical problem. The right arises by registration after 2-3 years of examination at the patent offices. For an invention to be patentable, it has to be novel, contribute something more than what would have been obvious to the skilled person in solving the technical problem, and have a technical effect that can be reproduced. We have an established network of patent firms and attorneys in most countries where Swedish companies want to pursue business.

We can help you choose the protection that best suits your business strategy, keeps competitors at bay, and creates commercial advantages.  In many cases, we will encapsulate this in a patent strategy, often starting from the following aspects:

  • Invention Disclosure Forms as a starting point for creating an innovative culture.
  • Novelty searches that show if the invention is part of the prior art. Read more about Novelty searches vs Freedom-to-Operate searches.
    Competitor monitoring is both interesting and important in order to understand in which direction your competitors are heading.
  • Patents that protect the technical solution. Read the article – Can I patent my idea? And also the article Selling patented products?
  • Oppositions to prevent competitors from stopping hindering your development.
  • Copyright for software or databases.
  • Design rights for your designs.
  • Registered trademarks and trademark manuals for when the product is to be famous.
  • Contracts and Agreements about confidentiality, consultants, suppliers, development, licenses and assignments.
  • Infringement opinions to see if a particular product infringes a patent.
  • Disputes and attacking strategies when competitors get aggressive.
  • Trade secrets for sensitive business information.

Jonas Delander

Head of Patent & Design, European Patent Attorney

Viveka Anderberg

European Patent Attorney

Anders Hansson

Founder, Senior Partner, Patent Attorney

Jakob Broman

European Patent Attorney

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