The product is similar to yours and you suspect infringement!


To be a patent proprietor has several advantages. One of them is that you may use your patent to prevent competitors from profiting on your invention. If you discover a product that seems to be similar to your patented idea, you should contact us immediately and tell us about your suspicions.

In such situation, it is important to carry out an infringement analysis as soon as possible. A patent infringement may have taken place if the competitor’s product is manufactured, marketed and/or sold in a market where your patent is in force. In this case it is important to act quickly and correctly!

An infringement assessment is roughly performed by the following steps:

  1. In a best case scenario, we have access to the physical product, but depending on the technical field, and availability, our analysis and assessment can be performed using brochures or other marketing material, or website excerpts.
  2. Your patent contains a number of claims which determine the patent’s scope of protection, i.e., what you have patented. Each claim contains in turn a number of features. During the infringement analysis, we compare the features of the claim with the potentially infringing product. If the product meets all the features of the claim, it is likely to infringe the patent.
  1. If infringement seems to be at hand, the next step may be to send a warning letter to the competitor behind the product.

Please read more about disputes here > It is important to monitor what your competitors are doing and how their products are designed, but also where they are manufactured, marketed, and sold. If necessary, we are happy to assist you in preparing and sending warning letters. If you have any questions relating to potential infringement, you are most welcome to contact one of us >

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