Create a strong trademark culture

We’re passionate about using concrete measures to help you to create a strong culture around your trademarks or innovations. Our approach usually involves the following key constituents:

  • Trademark protection and trademark manuals for the main trademark, product brands, grades and freestanding brands that form the core of your trademark portfolio
  • Commercial law for the company name that you are using as the basis for your operations
  • Design protection for the designs that strengthen your market position
  • Copyright for photographs, texts and creative layout
  • Marketing law in case your competitors try to exploit your successes for their own benefit
  • Contractual agreements that regulate issues relating to confidentiality, consultants, sales, distribution, franchising, co-branding, licensing and transfer or assignment of rights
  • Disputes and attack strategies when competitors behave aggressively

We help you to choose the rights that best support your business goals, keep your competitors at arm’s length and bring commercial benefits. In many instances this can be encapsulated in a strong, coordinated strategy. Find out more about what we have to offer by watching our short information films below.

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