Trademark protection

Trademark protection is used for words, shapes, slogans, packaging designs, sounds, fragrances and movements that distinguish your products from others on the market. Sole right is obtained through registration or by having acquired distinctiveness through extensive use. To qualify for registration, the word or form must have the characteristics of a proper name or communicate a clear and distinct identity that is unique for the goods or service in question. The trademark must not be such that it is easily confused with other marks for similar goods or services. We have well-established links with trademark attorneys and attorneys at law in most of the countries where Swedish companies are eager to do business.

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Lars Thyresson

Founder, Senior Partner, Attorney at law

Maria Foskolos

Partner, Attorney at law

Maria Frödin

Head of Legal, Attorney at law, Senior Advisor

Nancy Resulovic

Trademark Paralegal

Elsa Thyresson

Attorney at law

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